NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — After a three-year hiatus, Nashville musician and former member of the band, Need to Breathe, released a new song Friday.

Bo Rinehart’s song, “I’m Right Here,” is streaming now; released under a new name, Coy Roy.

The song is unlike anything he’s done before.

“I breahe a little tight. There’s definitely some nerves in it,” Rinehart told News 2’s Nikki Burdine.

The song sounds different only because the meaning behind it.

“It’s really a mirror song. It’s a conversation between me and my inner child,” said Rinehart. “At the point, I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This song is really addressing that. I didn’t really address it until later in life, about 5 years ago. This was kind of me talking about how to face it head on.”

Writing the song was a catalyst for his healing. It helped give Rinehart the courage to tell his story. He was a victim of sexual abuse at six-years-old.

“I think when you walk through something like that and begin to address it there’s a lot of waves that come out of you.” He continued, “It definitely was was a healing process.”

Rinehart has decided to use his story to help others by teaming up with Davis House Child Advocacy Center, which is an organization that helps children and families who have been physically or sexually abused.

“I’ve needed a partner in helping me tell my story and some of the things they help with, not being revictimized, and kind of shepherding through the process of opening up and talking about it is definitely a difficult thing,” he said.

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Having an advocate like Rinehart on their side, will help more children at Davis House.

“Whenever people connect with stories of survivors they realize that it matters that even if it’s not happening in your home, but you are in a local community that is doing all it can to protect its kids. We have a responsibility to keep them safe, and we have a responsibility to support that work,” said Brent Hutchinson, Executive Director, Davis House Child Advocacy Center.

It also helped Rinehart find a purpose for his pain.

“I know that is the reason for what my music is. Right now, I have a story to tell. The music is helping me tell it,” he said.

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You can also help in recovery for victims of abuse by checking out this year’s Button Ball that benefits Davis House.

At last check there were a couple of tickets still available at this link. But, there are still other ways to get involved. Find out more by clicking here.