NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two Nashville nonprofit organizations are teaming up to give away free handgun key locks in an effort to curb the dangerous trend involving teens carrying firearms. It’s become an all too common feeling and fight for Talia Monget.

“Heartbreaking, it’s sad. Sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach because I know the end results,” said Monget. Monget is talking about the feeling she gets when she hears about a teen dying at the hands of a gun.

“We shouldn’t be losing kids — 13, 16, my son was 17, why are we losing kids? I’m 44, and I’m still here. It’s always been said that kids are our future, children are our future, but they can’t be our future if we’re losing them,” she said.

This week, Metro police arrested a 16-year-old at KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School after the student carried a gun onto school property. The pistol was reportedly found in the student’s backpack.

That same day, Metro police reported another incident over at Whites Creek High School. Police say three 9th graders arrived at school in a stolen Honda CR-V. Two handguns were recovered from the car.

“They’re not adults, they don’t even have an adult mind to handle a firearm, so why are our kids playing with firearms? Why are our kids committing firearms, why is that? That’s a problem for us,” Monget said.

It’s a personal mission for her. After Monget lost her son, Antwand Covington Jr, was shot and killed shortly after graduating from Hillsboro School in 2012.

Monget created a foundation in her son’s name and has partnered with the organization “Partners in the Struggle,” to urge students to make a pledge that they will not pick up a gun or surround themselves with peers who handle guns.

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Saturday, both organizations will hand out 100 free handgun key locks. The event starts at 1 p.m. outside of McNairy Hill United Primitive Baptist Church, at 2208 Hermosa Street.