NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)- It’s been nearly a month since a Nashville man died, and his family now claims, they still have not been able to give him a proper burial. So, what’s holding this back? They say the coroner’s office has not signed the documents needed to cremate his body.

Earlier this month, Quartez Dryden died while serving time at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center. Shortly after his mother learned of his death, his body was sent back home to Nashville.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get through the days,” explained Shirley Green, his mother. It’s been almost a month, and Green says she has not been able to give her son a proper goodbye. “I got a call from the funeral home, stating that my son is deteriorating, that they’re not answering their phone calls at all.”

Green claims, paperwork from the Hardeman County Corners office has not signed the paperwork that gives the funeral home the green light to cremate his body.

The family, along with the funeral home, tell News 2, they both have reached out to the Coroner’s office several times, but have not heard back.

“Now he’s just sitting at the funeral home, a month, it’s been almost a whole month this weekend,” explained Green.

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The family has set up a shrine in his honor, all that’s missing is the urn holding Dryden’s ashes. His mother said she knows her son wasn’t perfect but “he’s loved, he has a family, no matter what he did, when he did it, he was still loved and everybody deserves a second chance.”

The family is hoping to have Dryden’s ashes before the new year. News 2 reached out to both the Coroner’s office and the Tennessee Health Department and has not heard back as of Wednesday night.