NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Neighbors in the Belmont area are praising the work of a man and his technology for helping nab two suspected catalytic converter criminals.

Tim Holman has his own personal license plate recognition cameras outside his home and he alerted the police.

“I’ve solved quite a few burglaries, I’ve solved a few hit and runs where people’s car got side-swiped,” Holman went on to explain. 

The latest he helped solve — suspected catalytic converter thefts. 

“If the city had an LPR camera system they could act on more cases like this and stop these crimes from happening,” stated Holman. 

However, stopping this one came back to one man’s personal LPR cameras. Holman says he has 20 cameras outside of his home. It’s a move he made after his car was side-swiped in a hit and run. 

“99.99% of the time nothing happens, but during that once in awhile incident, I’m very glad I have them.” 

As are his neighbors.

“My car is in the shop again $4,200 in repairs. It’s unbelievable,” Sandy Solomon told News 2. 

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Her catalytic converter was first stolen in June. Holman’s camera caught the thieves in the act. Holman registered the license plate of the suspected criminals’ car in his system months ago. This week he received a notification that they were back in his neighborhood and he alerted the police. Not long later, Metro police busted Kentucky residents Larry Rizzo and Austin Homeister.

“All I did was tell police, ‘heads up, they are back in our neighborhood.’ He shows up, they looked at it, he knew exactly what to do. He plotted a plan, he went out there he got them that night. He did the hard work,” Holman said about the police officer. 

Neighbors praised the work of police but also that of Holman, many calling him a neighborhood hero. 

“Really hats off to Metro police for acting on the information I gave them and going out and catching these guys, really those are the heroes, not me. I’m just a guy who has his electronics he plays around with,” Holman laughed. 

Holman says you can have your own LPR system for about $1,000, adding that it’s worth it.

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Both Rizzo and Homeister face Burglary and vandalism charges. Homeister Is also charged with Being a felon in possession of a handgun.