NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Oscar Smith, 72, is spending his last night in prison. On Thursday, he will face death by lethal injection.

A court found Smith guilty for the October 1, 1989 killing of his estranged wife Judith and her two teenage sons. Smith has continued to push for his innocence, but has lost every appeal to his death conviction.

The anticipation of Smith’s death is on the mind of Robert Vinson. Vinson was their neighbor and discovered the bodies of Chad and Jason Burnett, the two sons. At the time, Vinson was 13 years old.

“Their cousin, who usually stayed with the family during the week, asked me if I had seen them,” Vinson recalled. “I went across the street and found the back door open, with a hair dryer going on inside.”

When Vinson went inside the home, he then found both of their bodies covered with blood. He reported the bodies to his dad who called the police.

Chad and Jason rode the school bus with Vinson and he even spent time playing with them outside. This was a very difficult scene for him to process, but he still testified at Smith’s trial.

“The only part that scared me was when I was behind the courtroom and they brought him up the back entrance,” Vinson said. “He had shackles on and walked right in front of me.”

Smith was convicted and has spent the past 32 years awaiting execution. The Tennessee Department of Correction announced Wednesday Smith has selected his last meal.