NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In an effort to continue addressing homeless encampments across the city, Nashville Vice Mayor Jim Shulman and Davidson County District Attorney General Glenn Funk took a tour of an encampment in Hermitage.

The camp is located right off Old Hickory Boulevard near Andrew Jackson Parkway and Andrew Jackson Way. There are three parts of the camp that are either on private or Metro property.

“This is a community that we try to do the best we can,” resident Robin Walker said. “We try to keep our area tidy and take care of the area we are in.”

Walker is one of at least 30 people who live here and she wanted the public to know that people here want to live in better conditions, but this is all they have right now. She said she is employed and a mother who hopes to own a home in two years.

As you travel deeper into the encampment, you can see more trash. Both the vice mayor and district attorney also took time to speak with people living in the area.

“We need to make sure they don’t get housed for a short period of time and then come right back into another encampment,” Funk said. “This requires support that lasts longer than a couple of weeks and requires sustained support.”

Both leaders are working with Metro’s Homeless Impact Division to continue helping improve the lives of people living in these encampments.