NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Fall Break has created massive crowds of travelers at Nashville International Airport. Officials believe this is the reason why parking lots are full.

Several passengers are voicing their concerns over the lack of parking and the need for more spaces.

“We grabbed the last space,” Kim Oesterle said.

The Oesterle family are frequent flyers and believe the airport needs more parking. Oesterle’s husband Michael told News 2 over the past week he saw backups of cars getting into the airport.

Airport officials want to reassure everyone that there is plenty of additional parking at the airport. The economy lots are off-site, but there is bus transportation to the airport.

Several other passengers consider holidays a difficult time to park and suggest catching a ride-share service.

“I wouldn’t dare try to get a parking space in this chaos,” Jamie Westin said. “Just get a ride with a friend and save money.”

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