NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A street sign has become a topic of conversation for Safiyah Suara.

“John Lewis himself said if you see something happening don’t just say something, do something,” she said.

Earlier this month, Republicans state Sen. Frank Nicely and Rep. Paul Sherrell filed a bill to change a portion of Rep. John Lewis Way to President Donald Trump Boulevard.

“As somebody who was a part of the original march and a part of the original naming of the street, it was really just jarring to see that we couldn’t even reach the two-year anniversary before somebody had already tried to rename the street,” said Suara.

Suara’s mother — Councilwoman At Large Zulfat Suara — was one of many city leaders who played a role in helping rename the street back in 2021.

There are now two petitions opposing the bill that already have garnered over 10,000 signatures.

“I was like, I’m doing a rally, end of story,” said Suara. “I want people to know about this, and I want people to show how much they don’t want this to be passed.”

On Saturday, Feb. 18, Suara will hold a rally where Nashville’s youth can come out and discuss this bill and others impacting Nashville.

“It’s easy to be like, ‘oh, this is unfortunate this is happening,’ and sit back and do nothing, but if we sit back and do nothing who knows what will be next,” she said.

And with so much happening in Nashville, Suara wants to make sure her peers know what’s going on and that her voice is heard.

“Take CRT, take book banning it just continues and continues and if we don’t put a stop to it now, it won’t ever truly stop,” she said.

Suara’s rally will take place Saturday at 3 p.m. outside the Historic Metro Courthouse Plaza.

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She said she is working on getting youth as well as Metro councilmembers and state representatives to speak at her rally.