NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Homicides are up again in Nashville, and on Thursday night, the families left behind paused for the Season to Remember.

“It’s the sixth anniversary of our son’s death,” said Glen Trent, whose son was killed in 2016.

It’s an anniversary that never gets easier for Trent and his family, especially during the holidays.

“We come every year to hang an ornament in our son’s memory. We just want to keep the word out,” Trent said.

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Their son Ryan was 29 years old when he was shot in the back of the head with still no suspect in sight.

The rate of homicides in Nashville is ticking up faster than the metropolitan area is growing.

“Homicide is the ultimate crime and oftentimes is what we find in today’s world people don’t really understand sanctity of life or permeance of death,” said District Attorney Glenn Funk. 

Over the last year, homicides have increased by 4%, with violent crimes increasing by nearly 5%.

“This is a situation where we are going to see the numbers grow,” Funk said.

Although, there is some hope for the future.

“The solve rate is double in 2022 as it was just two years ago,” Funk said.

Mayor John Cooper says they are working to grow Metro’s police department, and he says the license plate reader pilot program will also help fight crime in Music City.

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“Council passed the LPR bill allowing us to use some special equipment to really deter and catch hot crime,” Cooper said.