NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville entrepreneur and influencer, Mary Lawless Lee, has been inspiring her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers for years. She started her lifestyle blog, Happily Grey, when she was a critical care nurse as a creative outlet more than 10 years ago. But since then, it’s evolved into so much more.

Now, Lawless Lee is adding author to her bio with the release of her new book, “Happily Grey.”

She described the book as half memoir, half coffee table book. It’s a lot like her Instagram feed, with beautiful, artistic pictures, but the book takes it a step further with real stories.

However, don’t expect the book to be a highlight reel. Lawless Lee said it was really important for her to make this book raw, real and honest. She added that she knew the timing was right to do this now.

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“I think it was the timing of really being able to open up and step into that vulnerability, and I knew I didn’t want to share this book until I was at that point,” said Lawless Lee.

“It’s taken years worth of work to get to a point where I do feel safe. I do feel like I am somewhat on the other side and in the process of healing to be able to share something like this, and I think it’s important. Especially how isolating social media can be, it’s important that we share the other side of the story because there is always that other side.”

She hopes speaking up and telling her story now about hardships and struggles will help other women.

“It was those women in my life in those dark times that raised their hand and said, ‘hey you’re not alone, I’ve been there, too.’ And that is what really gave me the courage to really step into it, because it is really scary.”

Lawless Lee said this book is made especially for women of all ages.

“My one hope for this book is women read it and are able to feel less isolated and less alone. its as simple as that. That’s why I decided to share some of these more vulnerable stories.”

“Happily Grey” the book is available at local bookstores Parnassus, Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble, Target, Amazon and