NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It can only take a second for fire and burns to ruin your Thanksgiving.

“Throughout day-to-day life, we are around hot objects, [and] combustible chemicals all the time,” said Dr. Marshall Hall.

Hall is the Medical Director and Chief of Emergency Medicine for Tristar Skyline Medical Center. He said this is the time of year they see more people getting burned.

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“Weather is getting cooler, people are starting to have more outdoor fires, people are having indoor fires, and the big one, Thanksgiving week is a big time for burns because people are cooking more,” he said.

Hall said Thanksgiving is typically the day when hospitals around the country see an influx of patients coming in with burns.

According to Hall, 30% of victims are typically children who accidentally burn themselves by grabbing something as simple as a pot handle

“Kids are running around the kitchen,” said Hall. “It’s very easy for one of them to reach up and grab a pot handle and pull some burning water down on them.”

One of his biggest pieces of advice this holiday season is to make sure families know where hot liquids are so they can keep them away from children.

“When you’re working with an open flame or a hot liquid turn those handles away from the edge of the stove, be aware of where those hot liquids are, make sure the kids are staying away from it,” said Hall.

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Hall said the majority of burns this time of year typically happen at home, so if you do happen to experience a burn, don’t wait.  Head to the hospital to get it checked out. “Don’t ignore burns when you get them, get them seen.”