NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Some call it a constant problem in Nashville, hundreds of cars taking over parking lots and roads to street race.

Over the years we’ve talked to numerous residents and Councilwoman Joy Styles about this problem. However, it’s a new year with Metro Nashville Police back out enforcing their Street Racer Initiative program.

“I’m grateful to MNPD that they have continued to have the street racer initiative to be able to go to these locations and try to disband them before they begin,” said Styles.

This past weekend, police visited multiple locations, writing citations, recovering a stolen car, and arresting and charging 21-year-old Austin Horner with aggravated reckless driving and felony evading arrest.

“I’m grateful to hear that charges were filed definitely,” said Styles.

Styles has fought to use license plate readers to crack down on street racers. She said the issue has only gotten worse.

“They have no regard, no respect for anyone or anything,” she said. “All property in their eyes is open. It’s a vacant parking lot no matter who it belongs to they should be allowed to be there to destroy it.”

Earlier this month, News 2 spoke to state Rep. John Gillespie out of Memphis, who wants to propose a new law that would allow police to seize street racers’ cars.

“I think it will send a clear message if we take that car from you and do not give it back,” he said.

It’s a message Styles is all for.

“If what we need to do is seize cars okay if you don’t have a car to drive, you don’t have a car to drive, so if you were driving that to work or school you’re going to be in bad shape my friend,” she said. “Maybe you’ll make better life choices.”

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As local police work to crack down on this issue, Styles hopes more officials will come together to tackle this too.

“This foolishness is just ramped, and so we all have to figure out what we’re going to do and however we need to work together,” she said. “We need to work together.”

Styles said she plans to reach out to Gillespie about his proposed bill.