NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In case you missed “Wheel of Fortune” on News 2 Friday night, a Nashville man who competed on the show ended up winning more than $52,000 in cash and prizes!

Brandon O’Brien auditioned for the game show back in March 2021 by submitting a short video online. Then, in November 2022, he traveled out to Los Angeles to appear on “Wheel of Fortune”.

He encouraged anyone who has ever considered trying out for the game show to follow his lead.

“If you’ve been thinking about being on ‘Wheel of Fortune’, it is so easy to do now. I feel like you’re not lost in a crowd, you know, like the old way of being on the show, you had to show up with thousands of other people and sometimes you weren’t even seen,” O’Brien explained. “I feel like with these videos and the way you can upload them now to, I just know that you are being seen and that is already 10 times better than it used to be, so if you’ve been thinking about auditioning for ‘Wheel of Fortune’, do it!”

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The Nashville contestant received a trip to New Orleans for winning the main game, as well as a car for solving the bonus round puzzle, which was “Chrome Faucet.”