NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Even though it’s been eight years, Nashville mom Nedra Jones said it feels like yesterday when her son’s life was suddenly taken from this earth.    

“It’s not a dream. It’s a nightmare to know that you won’t ever see your son again, and it’s been eight years, and his murderer is still running free,” Jones said.  

Her son, Montinez Johnson was just 25-years-old when he was shot and killed in South Nashville. Police were called to University Court in the early morning hours of July 26, 2014.    

Jones said he had just put one of his daughters to bed and was standing outside his apartment with two other men when someone ran up and shot all three of them.   

“This person has put me through living hell everyday. I don’t know if I’m walking somewhere and pass him or in a store and pass him. I know nothing.” 

One of the men standing with Johnson was his cousin. Although all three were injured, Johnson is the only one who died.    

Jones wanted to give this message to the gunman. “You’ve been on the run for eight years, almost eight years now. I just feel like it’s time for him to give himself up so he can have some peace and rest because I’m sure it’s not a good life running from the police, not knowing where you’re going.” 

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Jones clings to the memories of her son and now raises one of his three daughters. 

And perhaps his girls are the biggest reason she wants answers.  

“Maybe his children, I can tell them ‘well, whoever hurt daddy won’t be able to hurt nobody anymore, you know.’ So, it’s very important to me that we get justice,” Jones said. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME. Tipsters can remain anonymous and may qualify for a cash reward.