NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Community Oversight Board, tasked with reviewing police conduct, met Monday night to discuss the next steps after they were given edited Metro police body camera footage. 

The Nashville Community Oversight Board regularly requests and reviews bodycam footage when citizens launch complaints about police. But when they received one request back last year, they learned that the officer was disciplined for using profanity in the interaction, which was not shown in the video they were given. 

“What we received was a deletion where it was completely spliced, it was completely taken out, and then put back together again,” said Jill Fitcheard, Executive Director of Metro Nashville Community Oversight.

Metro police determined two civilian employees had been redacting profanity used by officers and suspects. The workers were told to stop doing so, but now the COB wants to know how many other videos they’ve requested might have parts missing. 

“We have no idea what the number is on how many videos were redacted where profanity was taken out,” Fitcheard said. “So, there could have been profanity in the course of a use of force, there could have been profanity coupled in with racial slurs or any other type of thing.” 

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Monday night, the board met to discuss a possible independent investigation into the situation to learn how many requested videos may have been similarly redacted.  

“We’re at a very crucial moment in how ourselves and the police department work together. And if the police department can’t produce the items that we have requested, then I don’t understand how they can think that they can build trust,” Fitcheard said.  

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Metro police said these redactions were only made to public record requests, not to anyone investigating a case internally, such as the District Attorney’s Office.