NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The New Year brings resolutions for many people but finding inspiration isn’t always easy. Well, look no further than this unlikely athlete who is not letting anything stop her.

Being an athlete is not at all what Amy Bream had envisioned for her life. She never participated in sports, it just wasn’t something she even considered. “Like group fitness, I didn’t do anything. I’d go to the gym and just stand in the corner for 10 minutes. It was a very self-conscious situation,” remembered Bream.

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Bream was born with only one leg due to a birth defect called Proximal femoral focal deficiency, known as PFFD. “Essentially, it means you’re born without some part of some extent of your leg and your femur bone. So I’m actually missing most of my right leg and part of my right hip isn’t fully developed.”

But in spite of her perceived physical limitations, her competitive spirit was always there.

Bream moved to Nashville and took that first big step out of her comfort zone into a West End boxing gym. “I went to the class, it was the first time like everyone was just at their own bag, no one’s looking around and staring at each other. And this is the first time that I was like I can enjoy working out and also not feel like I have pressure of like letting a team down or some it was just me in the bag.”

A part-time job at the gym turned into a full-time job as operations manager, and then a full-time competitor when a trainer encouraged her to pursue the adaptive CrossFit Games. “She’s so determined to win and to get it. And I think that’s what separates her from everybody else,” recalled Bream’s trainer, Scooter Houston. “Not just the fact that she has one leg, but the fact that she will never give up and never stop.”

“I remember, literally, upfront in this location, talking to friends saying, you know, I just don’t want to make a fool of myself. And they were like, well, like you tell people all the time not to be afraid. So, why not? So this is your chance to live out? Why not? Like, just go do it. And you’re gonna regret not trying. So, here I am,” said Bream.

Her first time competing, she made the top five. Now, the gym is her life and her passion. She uses her platform to encourage other athletes of all abilities with her real-life strength and her honest humor through her Instagram account, One Leg to Stand On.

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“I think it tells other people honestly, like that any, as cheesy as this sounds, anyone can do it. Because I didn’t grow up naturally athletic. I didn’t have like some like gene that was like, yeah, you can do this. I just started to make a conscious, really small effort every day to like, push myself a little bit more uncomfortable,” said Bream.

She just competed in the “Wodapalooza” games in Miami and got first place in her division last week. Next, she’ll be at the CrossFit games.