NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Following a drive-by shooting outside a Bordeaux church during a funeral Saturday and the murder of a gas station clerk in Hermitage Monday, activist, Clemmie Greenlee is demanding the public implement a different solution to the gun violence in Nashville.

“I can’t go to work without worrying about whether I’m coming home to my kids or my mom,” Greenlee said. “I can’t go to church to visit my homie’s funeral or my grandma’s funeral without getting shot up. What has this come to?”

Greenlee’s own son, Rodriquez died from gang violence after being shot in 2003. Since then, she established the groups, Mothers Over Murder and Nashville Peacemakers, and has advocated against gun violence.

But the violence has only gotten worse. Nashville’s homicides are up this year to 101, compared to this time last year at 98, according to Metro Nashville police.

However, the total number of shooting victims is down from 483 in 2021 to 400 this year. Greenlee told News 2 that shouldn’t stop people from stepping up.

“There’s no more blaming the government, there’s no more blaming the white man, there’s no more blaming the system. I’m blaming the home, the communities, one porch at a time,” Greenlee said.

Greenlee has implemented her own program, called “Respect the Set,” which teaches gang members to coexist without violence to hopefully prevent another overcrowded cemetery.

“See how empty that grass [was]?” said Greenlee as she pointed to an old photo of herself at her son’s grave. “Today I can’t even go out there now and find my son without somebody’s help, and that breaks my heart. You can’t go into 2023 waiting for this to hit your door. Y’all are waiting for this to hit your door.”

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