NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — This year is on pace to be one of the coldest Christmas Days in Nashville’s history. The WKRN Weather Authority is forecasting single-digit to low teens for Christmas morning temperatures, reaching the upper 20s near 30 during the day.

If the chilly temps have you longing for the heat—a wish you likely will regret if you have spent a summer in Music City—then maybe a look at Christmas’s past might warm you up inside.

5 Warmest Christmas Day High Temperatures in Nashville History

#1 – 2016: 76 degrees

#1 – 2021: 76 degrees

#3 – 1982: 72 degrees

#4 – 2015: 69 degrees

#4 – 2019: 69 degrees

Last year’s high of 76 degrees tied the record for the warmest Christmas on record in Nashville. Music City has been on a rollercoaster of high temps on Christmas these past few years with 2019 and 2021 both being on the warmer side and 2020, and now 2022, being on the colder end.

Typically, Nashville sees an average high temperature of 50 degrees on Christmas Day.

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