NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Saturday afternoon, Mothers Over Murder kicked off an inaugural community event aimed at curbing gun violence ahead of summer. 

The group usually hosts vigils or memorials near crime scenes and gravesites. On Saturday, the group held a barbecue at Cabana in Hillsboro Village to make their mission public. 

The community was invited to hear from mothers who have lost children to gun violence.  

Founder Clemmie Greenlee said she is especially concerned about gun violence, especially after the shootings Nashville has seen over the last several months. As the weather gets nicer, she wants to inform the public about what they can do to help curb gun violence.  

“I want you to come and hear these mothers’ stories, I want you to come and hear the other people speak. I want you to come and know it hasn’t hit you yet, why wait on that ‘yet?’ If you get involved with an organization like mine now you’ll help me prevent you from….getting that phone call that I got,” Greenlee said. 

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The group also wants to raise awareness for unsolved murders in Nashville. Several moms in the group said their child’s murders are coming up on the five-year mark of being unsolved.