NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Middle Tennessee mothers are coming together to keep their children’s memories alive, as well as put a stop to gun violence.

News 2’s Nikki McGee joined the Mothers Over Murder organization on Saturday, Oct. 15 as they walked to say “enough is enough.”

Clemmie Greenlee started the organization 14 years ago. However, she recently got an unexpected sense that her message was needed more than ever. 

“Sometimes you’ve got to just show up. You’ve got to quit planning things, you’ve got to quit strategizing, you’ve got to stop making sure everything’s perfect. That’s just not working,” said Greenlee, the director and founder of Mothers Over Murder. “Everything needs to be out of order, disrupted, tore up, and this is what I’m here to do.”

 On Saturday, Greenlee and roughly two dozen others showed up to walk around Centennial Park and share their growing concerns about recent gun violence. 

“We’ve got to start talking about these guns getting out here, plucking out our children. I don’t care if you’re Black, white, Puerto Rican, we’ve got to do something about it,” Greenlee said. 

One mom who especially understands that pain is Jerrilyn Collier, who lost both her sons to gun violence several years apart.  

“It won’t hit people until it hits them close to home. I never thought that I would wake up from gunshots, find my son on my front porch dead,” Collier said. “I never thought that I would be at home, get a call, my son had been shot in a Target store.” 

Collier now works in a cafeteria at a local elementary school. She hopes to spread the same message she shares with her students among the public. 

“Put the gun down, put them up fighting, then you live for the next day. You won’t hurt your family, you won’t hurt their family,” Collier said. “So just think before you act.”

If you want to get involved with Mothers Over Murder or donate to the organization, you can find more information by clicking here.