NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro police are following strong leads after three suspects have been identified stealing or breaking into a handful of cars in East Nashville.    

“It was right in this area and now it’s called the curse spot that no one wants to park in,” Celeste Stange said. 

Stange said it’s been two weeks without her car; she was one of seven people that got their cars either broken into or stolen in East Nashville over the past two weeks. 

“It’s part of your daily life and to have someone just take part of your daily life away from you is extremely frustrating,” Stange said. 

This is part of a growing problem in Nashville.  

According to unofficial data, police report a 50% increase in auto theft in the last year.  

Metro police said five of the seven cars hit in East Nashville were Hyundai’s.  

“I know there was a trend on TikTok, showing other kids how to steal cars and go on joy rides and I think TikTok should have some responsibility in that,” Stange said. 

In this case, the three suspects appear to be younger. They also committed the crime in broad daylight.  

“It’s just really sad; those kids look really young. Like, get a job, get a hobby; if you’re an adrenaline junkie, go to Dollywood,” Stange said. 

However, Stange said she is holding out hope that her black Volkswagen Jetta will be found and returned.   

 “I’ve parked here 100 times and hopefully I’ll park here again,” Stange said. 

 She said until then, Nashville is not the most convenient city to be without a car.  

“I tried walking downtown for work from East Nashville, but this is not a walking city; this isn’t a public transportation city,” Stange said. 

Stange’s black Volkswagen Jetta has a California license plate. She said she has pink fuzzy dice hanging in the front as well.  

According to Metro police, the majority of the vehicles had smashed windows and steering columns broken.  

If you have any information on the suspects you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.