NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — On this Memorial Day, Julie Burn decided to do things a little differently.

She headed to the Metro Nashville Police Department’s West Precinct to take an active shooter class.

“I am a teacher, and the Covenant Shooting hit me really hard,” said Burn.

It was just two months ago that a mass shooting took place at The Covenant School in Green Hills, not far from Burn’s school.

“I know that I had a neighbor there, so I was worried about that, and then got the phone call that she had been killed,” she said.

Burn’s neighbor was among the six victims that day. It’s why she spent her morning at the West Precinct.

“I felt a responsibility to try and prepare myself for anything that might happen,” said Burn.

For the last seven years, Lt. Michelle Coker has been teaching classes for the community regarding civilian response to active shooter events.

“To have people want to come out and listen and learn about best practices on how to keep themselves safe, how to keep their loved ones safe, how to keep others around them safe…it’s amazing,” Coker said.

Since the Covenant shooting, the training has been in high demand.

Coker said these classes provide a space where she can discuss active shootings and attacks and how people can survive if they encounter one.

“We go places and we just need to be better prepared and in the mindset, and not just so complacent to think that it won’t happen to us,” she said.

Burn said she’s already gained so much from the class, like learning to remain calm and be more aware of her surroundings.

“I think about the way to get out of the classroom, (and) what do we do if we are on the playground because I work with little ones,” she said.

Whether it’s Memorial Day or any other day of the week, Burn hopes others will work to stay prepared by taking a class.

“Everyone of us needs to be aware of what we’re doing and possibly step into help if we can,” she said.

Coker’s husband also teaches classes and helped Metro police put together a rescue task force program as well as bring an active shooter program to the department.

The officers at West Precinct picked Memorial Day to hold this class because they believed it was the best day to get a good turnout since most people are off for the holiday.

If you are interested in having MNPD come out to offer a class, you can contact their office of community outreach and partnerships by phone at 615-862-7089 or by email at