NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A miracle in Midtown has a local family thanking all involved after a mom went into labor on the side of the road. Needless to say, that was not her plan, but her story is one for the movies.

It was the third time around for Chelsie Sorensen and her husband Val, so when Chelsie’s contractions started in the early morning hours of June 27, she took it in stride.

“Going through false labor nights before, I didn’t want to like overreact or anything,” Chelsie said.

As the hours ticked on, her tune changed.

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“I feel like it’s not gonna stop this time. I think we’re gonna have a baby,” she recalled with a laugh.

The plan was a quiet, calm delivery at a birthing center.

“This was not the plan,” Chelsie said with disbelief.

Instead, she found herself in the back of her brand-new minivan.

“We like just bought it like a month ago,” she laughed while looking at her husband.

The couple was traveling on I-40.

“We live in Donelson, near the airport. And we’ve got to get to St. Thomas Midtown,” Chelsie recalled. “I realized it was going to be rush hour. I was like, ‘oh, no. I did not think about that!'”

At 8:28 a.m., their doula Sherry Cravens was behind the wheel.

“I was trying to contain my nerves. I’m driving a van that I’ve never even been in in my life,” Cravens said. “I’m like, ‘you’re doing so good. You’re doing so well.’ I’m like, ‘we’re three minutes away.'”

Mere blocks away from the hospital, Cravens explained, “Dad said, I think it’s happening. I gave him my phone and told him to call 911.”

Val can be heard on the recorded line saying, “The head’s out. The head’s out and she’s in the back of the van.”

“As a parent, you’re a bit terrified that something’s going to be wrong,” Chelsie said. “I’m waiting to hear their first cry.”

While on the 911 call Val softly said, “Come on, baby. Come on, baby.”

Finally, a cry.

“Just to be able to hear the doula say, she’s breathing. She’s just a little bit in shock right now, like the rest of us,” Chelsie said with a laugh.

“I was fairly cool, but I was freaking out a little bit,” Val recalled.

Jovie Claire had made her entrance.

“It means joyful light,” Chelsie said with a smile.

Joining big sisters Millie and Rooney.

“Everything went as smoothly as it possibly could have given the circumstances,” Chelsie said with a joyous chuckle. “So, it was pretty amazing.”

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“She was amazing. She and her husband both did such a great job,” Cravens said. “It is literally the best birth story ever.”