NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Enoch Fuzz is a beloved, long-time reverend in Nashville and for his 67th birthday he’s thinking about others, not himself. 

This year, he’s asking his guests to donate to the Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Ian.  

“I saw this morning, and this is Saturday morning, that there were people still on their housetops from Wednesday,” said Rev. Fuzz of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. 

On Saturday, he used his celebration at Elliston Place Soda Shop to challenge loved ones and the community. He’s asking them to match a $1,000 donation he’s made to the Red Cross on behalf of his church. 

“I said I can encourage some people to give. And I’ve got some very wealthy friends in Nashville. And I’m challenging them by telephone, I’m saying, ‘Man, you need to give to the Red Cross,’” Rev. Fuzz said.  

Hurricane victims have been met with an abundance of support from the Nashville community. On Friday, News 2 teamed up with the Red Cross to help raise $84,000 in donations. The non-profit says that money, paired with Reverend Fuzz’s donation, will go a long way in supporting those in need.  

“Many of the roads are gone. So we yet, literally, are unable to get there to see what all of the needs are,” Director of Development Leigh Elliott said. 

Nashville Mayor John Cooper attended Saturday’s gathering and thanked Reverend Fuzz’s role in helping those in need. 

“It’s inspired by the Reverend here to think of other people all the time. And his taking our city in a path of Godliness and Christian behavior is one that we’re just very grateful for,” Cooper said. 

Reverend Fuzz hopes Saturday’s donation will let others know they’re not forgotten and sometimes giving feels better than receiving.  

“It’s my birthday party. I always want to have something to give to somebody else,” Rev. Fuzz said. 

The Red Cross is currently tending to at least four major national disasters coast to coast. You can donate by calling 1-800-HELP or by visiting