NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Winter weather wreaked havoc on Middle Tennessee, and now that things have thawed out, some are getting a second shock on their water bill.  

“Our phone lines have been extremely busy the past week,” said Sonia Allman, Metro Water Services Manager of Strategic Communications. “You often don’t know that that pipe has burst until it thaws. And once it thaws and that water’s no longer ice, it’s now flowing water, you begin seeing the damage and the evidence of the break.” 

If your pipes did freeze and burst, as long as you fix it, Metro Water Services will make a leak adjustment to your bill. You can contact them to report the leak, along with what kind of repair it needed, when the repair was made and your account number. You can reach them by emailing or calling them at (615) 862-4600. 

“So we look at their annual average, what they normally spend per month on water, and when there is an excess we will deduct 50% of that, then 100% of that sewage,” Allman explained.  

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The process should take about seven days, but with higher call volume, they say to go ahead and pay your bill if it’s due. They can always go back and credit your account. 

Now that things have thawed out, Metro Water Services says it’s the perfect time to check for other leaks and learn how to cut off your water.

“We encourage people, even outside of the freeze, to always be checking for leaks. So, you know, turn things off and walk through the house when it’s quiet and listen. Listen for faucets dripping, or toilets running, you can always hear when that toilet is slowly running,” Allman said. 

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Leak adjustments are offered year-round and you can qualify for one every 12 months.