NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro police told News 2 that a man was sent to the hospital over the weekend after a fight on Demonbreun Street where he fell to the ground and lost consciousness. 

The news didn’t come as a surprise to some who live in the area.  

“Once it hits night after eight o’clock, that’s when it starts going downhill,” Patrick Kelley said.  

Kelley moved to the Music Row area a few months back and does his best to avoid Demonbreun Street after dark.  

“We’ve had shootings, fights, we had the lady across the street that was shot a couple months ago. Just a couple nights ago, on Saturday night, we had five cars broken into,” Kelley said.  

Metro police set out last year to address some of these issues. Tin Roof General Manager Josh Griffin says things have improved.  

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“The police department has answered the call. We saw an increase in violence and we wanted to try to find a solution and they’ve definitely come in and helped,” Griffin said.  

In August 2021, Chief John Drake doubled officers patrolling the area on weekends and added a sergeant. He also put a “Sky Cop” camera unit in to help monitor the area. 

“We’ve gotten to the point where we felt so secure with the police presence that we no longer have armed guards or anything like that,” Griffin said. 

Griffin says when there are problems they are mostly after dark and that police are usually close by to assist their security staff quickly. Yet, Kelley says he still sees crime too often and hopes some businesses will be more proactive in preventing crime.  

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“They have other places they have to go to, they shouldn’t have to come to a business and babysit a business all the time. Those police should be used at other areas where they’re needed to be,” Kelley said.