NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro police will re-release videos sent to the Nashville Community Oversight Board. They had been under pressure to do something after two employees muted profanity in body camera videos.

The oversight board found out about the edits when profanity was mentioned in a report but was not on this video.

The board has been discussing whether to open an investigation to figure out how widespread the edits were.

Police announced Wednesday they will review videos given to the board going back to 2020 and note any muted words. They will also re-release the videos.

“The police department is doing its best to have a working relationship with the COB,” said Metro police spokesman Don Aaron. “There have been a number of stories talking about cut, deleted, adjectives that just don’t we think accurately portray the muting of four words — three by a citizen, by an officer in an hour-long video.

Police say the two employees involved with editing have been reprimanded, but they did not realize they were doing anything wrong.

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Police promised to tell the oversight board about any redactions moving forward.