NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Police say Christmas time crime is on the rise, especially car crimes. Metro police say they are seeing more and more windows smashed and weapons stolen.

“It’s a scary thought to know,” said Zane Richardson, who is 12 years old and spent Tuesday shopping with his mom. “I just try and stay prepared just keep an eye out on things.”

According to Metro police, there were 16 car burglaries around the Green Hills Mall area over a span of just two days.

“It’s sad because people have worked for what they are buying and you know, it’s just sad to me,” said Julie Richardson. “You work really hard and you wanna buy gifts for your friends and family and the less fortunate and people just come and take it.”

Investigators say they usually see thieves target unlocked cars, but the latest trend shows suspects are being more intentional about breaking in.

“They are sacrificing the windows,” said Sgt. John Bourque of West Precinct. “Normally, they will look in the window, if there is nothing of value they won’t break into it. But, what we have seen in this recent trend is they are breaking the windows and a lot of times they aren’t getting anything out of the vehicles cause the person did the right thing. There’s nothing in it, but unfortunately, you’ve got a broken window.”

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Sgt. John Bourque says there’s not much a car owner can do to protect their vehicle in this case, but it is best to remove valuables, lock your car, and park as close to the building as possible.

“We are also going to have some extra officers out around the Green Hills Mall area, leading up to Christmas… to increase our presence out there.”

Metro Police are also seeing an uptick in guns stolen from cars. Last week, 49 guns were stolen from cars and trucks. Many of the guns taken during that time came from vehicles parked outside nightclubs, apartment buildings, hotels, and Airbnbs.