NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police are investigating two burglaries in Bellevue that happened on the same day.

Nearly $10,000 in one-of-a kind items were taken from 70 South Antiques on Highway 70 in the early morning hours of Monday, Dec. 26.

“They are one of a kind vintage and antique items,” the owner told News 2.

From fine crystal to vintage Barbie dolls, nearly 50 vendors have stocked the little brown building full of unique items.

“We’ve been 70 South since May of 2019 and previously an antique mall called Vintage Market, so it’s been here 10 plus years as an antique mall,” the owner said.

The crime happened in the early morning hours as the owner was woken up by her alarm company.

“The alarm company called us at 4:09 a.m. on the 26th, and within about 15 minutes or so, the police were here and I were here and they came with the K-9 dog and the whole thing, and so they broke in through the front door, broke the glass,” she explained.

Surveillance footage painted a better picture as to what unfolded. Photos both outside and inside the antique mall show the thief wearing a thick coat with their face covered.

“I think it was someone who had been in before and had seen the items. A little creepy that someone has been in here and looked at our things and decided to come back and steal.”

Feeling violated, the owner’s initial fear has since turned to anger.

“Within three minutes they were in and out. Inventory totally about $8,500,” saying the items unfortunately can not be replaced.

Additional security measures are underway to protect the valuables inside her little shop that serves as a home for many.

“I’m going to add some additional cameras. The police have suggested some additional places to add cameras,” the owner said, adding that she has replaced the front doors with stronger glass.

In the meantime, she hopes sharing the surveillance images will help in nabbing the thief.

“We’ve had a great holiday season and so this was disappointing at the end of the holiday.”

New 2 has also learned that the Subway on Highway 70 was hit on the same day, about an hour after the antique store was broken into. The owner of the Subway showed News 2 what appears to be a concrete garden ornament that she said was used to break the glass of the front door before the thief stole from the cash register.

The burglar was caught on camera outside of the restaurant, along with a get away driver.

The owners of both stores told New 2 police believe the crimes are connected. If you have any information on either burglary, you are asked to call Metro police at 615-862-8600.