NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Monday afternoon, shards of shattered glass lined the streets of 54th Avenue North following a string of smash-and-grab car break-ins.  

Alyse Horan and her boyfriend, David Galasso, moved to the area last month and walked out of their condo Thursday morning to find their truck’s window shattered. 

“We just got a text at like four in the morning that a group of people walked through and were smashing a bunch of windows and went out at seven in the morning and turned out to be one of them,” Galasso recalled.  

According to Metro police, at least 10 cars were broken into along the same street.  

“You could just see a lot of people were out scraping the glass out, definitely they were going around, popping [windows],” Horan said.  

An odd line of events followed. Horan noticed her wallet missing and said thieves got away with a whopping $2. But she did end up getting her wallet back after it was found at a nearby apartment complex.

“It was found in the apartment mail room and my wallet was returned to me. Thankfully, it had my passport and stuff inside. So, luckily, very minimal damage done but definitely made me more conscious of just the little things I’d like to keep that are in my car,” Horan said. 

Horan believes the criminals behind these car break-ins were after guns and cash. Roughly $300 in repairs later, the couple says it’s an expensive lesson to take whatever you have in your car with you overnight, no matter where you live. 

“Unfortunately, it is the world we live in now, you see it in every city. So Nashville seemed, coming from Baltimore, I thought it would be a little more safe, but you see it everywhere,” Galasso said.  

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Police have repeatedly reminded community members to secure their weapons, especially in cars. So far this year, more than 120 guns have been stolen out of cars.