NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Metro Nashville Police Department is missing some of its body- and in-car camera footage, and it would like to know why.

The police department says portions of its camera footage do not properly transfer when moved from its upload server to its storage server, leaving officers without the full videos recorded during incident calls.

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MNPD says it first noticed the issue at the beginning of May when the District Attorney’s Office asked for a specific DUI arrest video. When the issue was discovered, department officials immediately contacted WatchGuard, the camera vendor, so its engineering staff could correct the problem.

However, MNPD Information Technology staff have now determined that videos related to 183/arrest/citation situations, 55 of which involve body-worn cameras and 128 involving in-car cameras, between April 7, 2021 and July 7, 2022 are incomplete on the storage server.

The number of videos affected amounts to 0.15% of the total number of videos during that time period, according to MNPD.

The department’s IT staff determined that the incomplete videos were all fully received by the upload server, but they did not properly transfer to the storage server. The incomplete transfers affect either an incident’s body-worn camera or its in-car camera; not both, MNPD said.

Additionally, the presence of another officer with a camera in those situations has provided supplemental video of the incidents.

WatchGuard is owned by Motorola, thus Metro police are asking the telecommunications giant to make identifying and fixing the technological issues a top priority.

A Motorola technical engineer is reportedly traveling to Nashville and will arrive Wednesday to begin assisting in the correction.

According to a random analysis of Metro camera videos, 12 of 14 body-worn cameras had documented frame loss of at least one continuous second. This was immediately sent to WatchGuard, and five of the cameras affected were shipped to the company for further analysis. WatchGuard reportedly says the troubleshooting process is ongoing.

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The WatchGuard cameras were gradually introduced in MNPD across precincts in 2020 and 2021. The full deployment took effect Sept. 29, 2021, with cameras issued to 1,367 personnel and installed in 790 vehicles. In total, 1.7 million video evens have been recorded by MNPD officers and uploaded onto the storage server between April 7, 2021 and July 7, 2022, according to MNPD.