NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — Addressing homelessness in Nashville is a continued goal for the Metro Nashville Oversight Homeless Committee. In May 2022, Metro agreed to invest $50 million to reduce homelessness.

According to District 23 Councilman Thom Druffel, the money is divided into four parts, with $25 million for gap affordable housing, $9 million for supportive services, $9 million for temporary gap housing and $7 million for low-barrier housing.

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The majority of the money for gap affordable housing goes to help people find a hotel and later on an apartment, helping unhoused residents transition out of unsuitable conditions.

Mental health is also an issue that Druffel hopes to address in future funding. He toured Brookmeade Park and saw firsthand the dire living conditions.

“Should we invest some of that money, as we identify the mental health component,” the councilman said. “We need to get to the root of these causes.”

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The $50 million is expected to last for at least two years, and then, Druffel said officials want to work with the future mayor to determine funding.