NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Newly released documentation details multiple protective orders against Landon Eastep, the man who was shot and killed by police on I-65 during an altercation Thursday afternoon.

The orders filed in September and November of 2021, indicate things like alcoholism, violent domestic abuse, and hallucinations.

On September 3, Eastep’s wife filed a protective order against her 37-year-old husband. According to these documents, she told a Davidson County judge, “Landon promised to choke and kill me”.

“It’s hard not knowing him obviously,” said Beth Walser, Clinical Director for Volunteer Behavioral Health. “But, someone that suffers with alcoholism, oftentimes that comes with anger.”

Two months later on November 17, Eastep’s wife filed a second protective order. That one gave indication that Eastep often had hallucinations. “Landon is delusional and is constantly seeing things that are not there,” the order read.

“Hallucinations — you don’t know if it’s auditory hallucinations…something telling him to do something,” said Walser. “Is it visual? Is he seeing something? All of that plays a part.”

Thursday, an interaction with Eastep shut down I-65 after officers say he pulled a box cutter on a state trooper. Officers attempted to talk him down for about a half-hour before he pulled out a small “shiny silver cylindrical object” prompting officers to open fire.

Metro police do have mental health clinicians on staff at some precincts, but certainly not enough professionals to assign to every officer. According to police administration, there was not a mental health professional at the scene Thursday.  

“I believe in the power of therapy and clinicians,” said Walser. “And, I don’t want to say it would have made a difference, but I think it would have been a great asset to have. Unfortunately, we just won’t know.”