NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — This August, Nashvillians will head to the polls to vote in the Metropolitan General Election.

Earlier this year, Mayor John Cooper announced he would not be seeking re-election, creating a wide-open field of candidates in the race to be the next mayor of Music City.

One of those candidates is “Dr. Wisdom” Zerit Teklay.

Teklay lists his political party as the “Wisdom People Party.” On Teklay’s website, the Eritrean immigrant writes that he is running for Nashville mayor because he would like to be the “Change Nashvillians would like to see…”

According to his site, Teklay is also considering running for President in 2024.

News 2 submitted questionnaires to each of the candidates running for Nashville mayor. The form featured six questions addressing some of Music City’s biggest issues—including crime rates, mass transit, homelessness, and the Metro government’s current relationship with the state government. Below you will find Teklay’s responses. (Note: Teklay’s reply to the request only included an answer to the first of the six questions.)

How would you address the homelessness issues in Nashville?

Teklay: “When I think about the issue of homelessness in Nashville and whenever I visit Nashville Homelessness Shelter the Rescue mission and ask the NASHVILLIANS Real homeless why they become homeless, below are the reasons why NASHVILLIANS Homeless in Nashville become homeless:

  1. Job Loss (Unemployment). According to my research I conducted over the last 4 years by asking Homeless NASHVILLIANS, 99.9% are Jobless /Unemployed.
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Mental ILLNESS: There is one and only one Solution for Mental ILLNESS and that is Natural Medicine, Support Structure and Balanced Nutrition. With the Collaboration of Government agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, businesses and the Community we live in, I have a Big Historic Project Planned out to Create A Natural Medicine Center In Nashville which will play a big role in the Mental Health Wellness of Mentally ILL Homeless NASHVILLIANS. If this Project of Natural Medicine Center becomes a reality in Nashville Tennessee, Many Mentally ILL Homeless NASHVILLIANS will be Naturally healed. Which means Homeless in Nashville due to Mental Illness will be Solved once and for all.
  4. Addiction of Drugs: Drug Addiction which is one of the causes why Some NASHVILLIANS become homeless is a problem which needs a Solution.
  5. Evictions due to high Rent Cost. New Construction of Increasing Affordable Housing is one Solution that will save Nashvillians from being Evicted due to high Cost of Rent.

If I get Elected, I will create A new System of developing New Affordable Housing which will not Discriminate based on Credit Score. I have 4 Sites of New Affordable homes Construction in East Nashville, West Nashville, South Nashville, and North Nashville.

Some Working Homeless NASHVILLIANS can not get a home to rent because 99.9% of home Rental Industry does not accept home rent applicant who have poor Credit Score.

Addressing the above 5 reasons of homeless in Nashville TN is the Solution for Homeless in Nashville. If I get Elected, in collaboration with Government agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations and our community, There will not be any homeless in Nashville ever again guaranteed.”

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The Metropolitan General Election takes place on August 3. A runoff will be held on September 14, if necessary.

Candidates have until noon on May 18 to qualify.