NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The latest campaign financial disclosures in the Nashville mayoral race have been released, revealing the top fundraisers and spenders in the race.

According to the latest filings, Jim Gingrich has emerged as the top spender with nearly $2 million. He only raised $103,568 this last quarter, according to his disclosures. Most of his spending, however, was funded by a $2 million loan he gave the campaign earlier this year. In total, he spent $1.957 million.

Coming in close behind him is Matt Wiltshire, who has spent $1,422,928.31 on his race this quarter. He also came in as the highest fundraiser this quarter, taking in $504,333.74, according to his disclosures. Wiltshire has also loaned his campaign money, coming in at more than $348,000 since he kicked off his campaign. He listed his cash on hand amount as $491,176.79 as of this quarter.

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Jeff Yarbro has also taken in a significant amount of money this quarter, raising $351,440. He listed his expenditures at less than half that amount, at $165,281. His cash on hand was listed at $509,848. Yarbro also loaned his campaign money, giving it $50,000 since the campaign kicked off.

Freddie O’Connell raised $239,613 this quarter, according to his filings. He spent just $172,756 and had $419,901 cash-on-hand, his disclosures reported.

Alice Rolli took in $171,213.18, spent $199,110.42 and has loaned her campaign more than $145,000 since it began, according to her filings.

Vivian Wilhoite reported raising $70,662 and spending $32,000 this quarter.

Heidi Campbell raised $326,930 and spent $177,902 this quarter, according to her filings.

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Natisha Brooks reported $40,000 in funds raised with only $8,000 in expenditures, according to her filings.

Fran Bush raised $18,300 and spent $18,090, her disclosures reported.

Bernie Cox reported $200 raise and none spent this quarter.

Stephanie Johnson and Lorenzo Short Jr. did not have anything filed this quarter.

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