NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville’s mayoral candidates will meet for a public forum focused on crime and justice issues Tuesday night.

“Unfortunately, crime is all around us and I think one of the most important things a mayor can do is help provide the foundation of a safe city,” said the co-founder of Tennessee Voices for Victims, Valerie Craig.

The event is moderated by Tennessee Voices for Victims and candidates will be taking questions directly from victims of crime and their advocates.

“Many of us will face victimization at some point and to know how our leadership is ready to respond, I think is a really critical piece,” said Craig. “Even if we aren’t victims, our neighbors may be and the people that we are doing life with may be, and what victimization does is that it changes a person and we want to know that the people that are leading us are ready to address that change and help support that change.”

The organizers are expecting eight candidates at the event, including Heidi Campbell, Jim Gingrich, Sharon Hurt, Freddie O’Connell, Alice Rolli, Vivian Wilhoite, Matt Wiltshire, and Jeff Yarbro.

“We need to hear that they actually understand the issues or are willing to learn about the issues from experts, and I think that we need to hear that this is a priority for them,” said Craig.

Craig said she believes Nashville has been seen as a safe place to land, but that will change if crime continues to increase.

“To have the opportunity at the very front of your term in office to be really able to think about that gives them a leg up that maybe other offices have not had,” said Craig.

The forum is free and starts at 6 p.m. at Clementine Hall located at 4710 Charlotte Avenue.