NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Advocates are marching for change as they push lawmakers for better healthcare for Tennessee’s moms and babies.

It’s part of March of Dimes’ nationwide lobbying effort called March for Change.

Members and local moms met at the State Capitol on Tuesday to advocate for policies that would improve Tennessee’s maternal and infant healthcare.

Some of those policies include access to quality healthcare, doula care, and improving research and programs to promote healthy women and babies, especially women of color who face health disparities.

Every November, March of Dimes releases a report card that measures the state of maternal and infant health in the United States.

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Tennessee received a D- for its preterm birth rate of 11.3%.

“Why did we get such a low grade? It’s because of the fact that we aren’t doing the things that have been proven to make a difference. We know the answers of how to reduce the prematurity rate, how to reduce the maternal mortality, how to reduce the disparity between blacks and whites, and we need to address it,” said Cheryl Major, mother and advocate for March of Dimes.

March for Change is making stops all across the country, which allows anyone interested to take action in their state.

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Many women are also participating virtually by contacting their legislators to be a voice for other moms and babies.