NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man with a sledgehammer smashed into a Berry Hill violin shop and got away with close to $20,000 worth of collectible instruments.

The smash and grab happened early Sunday morning when a man with a sledgehammer smashed through the front door of The Violin Shop on 8th Avenue South in Berry Hill.

The surveillance video showed the masked man carrying a sledgehammer under his arm and moving toward five violins in velvet cases. He haphazardly threw the 100-year-old instruments into a black trash bag.

The five violins are valued at almost $20,000.

Storeowner Brandon Godman told News 2 it had been an extremely busy week and he was hoping for a calm weekend when he got the call of the break in.

“What went through my heart was, ‘What happened?'” Godman said.

According to police, it’s unlikely the thief knew what he just stole. According to Godman, the violins are unique: A Guarnerius violin made in Germany around 1920, a Mittenwald violin made in Germany around 1930, a Guarneri violin made in Czechoslovakia around 1920, and a $5,000 Da Salo Model violin with distinct markings was also taken.

“There’s actually a carving of Pan, god of the wild most of us would recognize as the devil, but is actually an old German thing and they made many of these,” Godman said.

As seen on the body camera footage, Violin Shop employees were still sweeping up broken glass when Berry Hill officers arrived. As the officers moved inside to the empty cases, the alarm could still be heard blaring.

Looking around at the expensive, unique instruments on the wall, Godman knew it could have been much worse.

“What did they take; what will I see when I get there? Did they destroy a lot of stuff? Did they rip stuff off the walls? How big a mess is it going to be? I mean, it could’ve been worse, I mean the biggest thing is there is no customer instruments taken; there were no consignments,” Godman said.

Berry Hill police chief Tim Coleman said a man using a sledgehammer to break into a shop is unusual.

“This looks like an opportunity crime. ‘I busted the window and went over there, grabbed a few items and hastily got out of the building,'” he said.

According to Godman, the five violins are recognizable, and if you see a too good to be true type deal on a violin for sale, it probably is.

According to the store owner, all the violins have distinguishing markings on the bridges that either say “The Violin Shop” or “The Fiddle Mercantile”.

If you see these violins, call police at 615-297-3242.

A music store was also burglarized with a sledgehammer on the same night and more than $20,000 worth of collectible instruments were taken. Metro police has not reported if the cases are connected.