NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Soccer is what brings people to Geodis Park.

But fans know the real fight happens when the game is over, and it’s time to leave.

“After the game, you have thousands of people all trying to leave the stadium at the same time, and there’s one six-foot wide sidewalk to accommodate all the pedestrians,” said Koby Langner.

Langner loves the city’s soccer team but leaving Wednesday’s game almost went left for him.

“I got to this crosswalk and a Lyft driver had just pulled forward and didn’t stop,” he said. “So I was standing in front of the vehicle, and kind of tapped my hands on the car to get their attention.”

But Langner claims the driver then got out of his car and started yelling at him.

“The fact that that piece of metal seemed more valuable than the lives of me and several other pedestrians who were trying to cross legally and safely in a crosswalk, that was frustrating,” he said.

Langner says the situation also scared him and worries about others who walk and bike in the city.

“We’ve seen pedestrian deaths on the rise, especially since 2020, and that’s really scary for someone who chooses to walk and bike as much as I can around the city and as a fan of Nashville SC,” he said.

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Becca Walls knows what it’s like in the area once games let out too.

“We got like human Frogger going on out here,” she said.

Walls has lived in the neighborhood for eight years and says the lack of consistent sidewalks and parking can’t keep up with the traffic coming through.

“If they’re not going to provide the proper parking then start thinking about how we can get these sidewalks in here, how can we create safe walking routes, how we can get traffic not parking on both sides when the street isn’t even wide enough for two cars to park,” she said.

Langner agrees improvements are needed and is optimistic the city can work to make that happen.

“I hope that an issue like this will raise awareness and help leaders take action before it’s worse next time,” he said.

News 2 reached out to the mayor’s office to see if more sidewalks can be added in areas behind Geodis Park but have yet to hear back.

News 2 also reached out to the Nashville Department of Transportation who told us they will look into that location.

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They said they do have plans to build sidewalks down the length of Craighead Street with construction expected to begin in the late fall.