MADISON, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Madison church is thanking the community after comments on Facebook led to two men being identified for trying to steal a catalytic converter from a church van. The suspects were unsuccessful but did cause thousands of dollars in damages.

On any given Sunday, the parking lot of Madison Church of Christ is full of cars, but on Friday afternoon, when it’s usually quiet, security cameras were focused on one car.

“Kind of hung around a little bit, watching to see who was looking at them,” said Buck Dozier, a church elder.

Multiple cameras caught the two men as they entered the parking lot and checked the bus shed and started to cut the catalytic converter off the truck. One of the men crawled under the truck with a saw in hand and went to work. The two almost got away with it, before they were spotted.

“They got interrupted once, when they were trying to take the converter off the truck, and then left came back and got interrupted again by one of our ministers,” explained Dozier.

According to the church, this was the third time suspects have gone after catalytic converters on the church property. The last time involved two buses, one of them from a group in Atlanta who had come to Nashville to do some work.

“Now in Nashville, it is quite an item to steal and get some money for,” Dozier said. “All the institutions who have buses and trucks around, even behind locked behind gates and fences, sometimes they need to be on alert about people wanting their converters, analytic converters.”

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Leaders at the church told News 2 shortly after they posted photos of the suspects asking for the public’s help in identifying them, community members were able to identify them and pass their names over to police.