NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Mayhem at airports across the country continued Wednesday as we approach day seven of canceled flights, originally sparked by winter weather.

Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of flights again as a federal investigation is underway as to why the airline carrier lagged behind others who are back to normal operations.  

At Nashville International Airport, bags were still stacked outside of Southwest carousels, now organized with luggage in alphabetical order. 

The line outside of the baggage service office fluctuated throughout the day. At times in the morning, there were only a few people, but by late afternoon, it snaked around with a wait time of about three hours. 

Some luggage traveled across the country without its owners, while other suitcases never left BNA, to begin with.

The nightmare before Christmas began for Judith Ellis Saturday morning. Her family flew out of BNA heading to San Antonio with no problem, but her bags never boarded. 

“When I got there my bags weren’t there,” Judith Ellis told News 2. 

One suitcase, she said was stuffed with clothes. 

“This isn’t the usual clothes I wear, I went shopping at Target and places when I got there.”

Her other missing bag was packed with Christmas gifts. 

“One whole bag was Christmas presents for my family. My family came from Chicago, they came from Austin we came from all different areas to meet there so one bag was just gifts,” she explained. 

Ellis tried to put the clothing and gift debacle behind her in hopes of keeping Christmas merry and bright, but soon she would have to face the challenge of getting back home to Nashville.

“Then our flight got canceled.”  

With no promises of when they could make it back, her family rented a car.

“It’s hard to get rentals out of all the cities also,” she said. 

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Her family loaded in a rental car and drove nearly one thousand miles to Nashville from San Antonio. 

“Once we got our rental in San Antonio, we made it maybe 100 miles and the rental stopped working and so we had to get a new rental in Austin and we did,” saying thankfully they eventually all made it back home.

Following the 14-hour drive, Ellis made another trip to BNA to retrieve her bags only to find out they never left to begin with.

“It’s just been a big mess.” 

However, now her family has a Christmas story they won’t soon forget.

“Never forget it, never forget it,” she laughed.  

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Ellis said Southwest gave her a flight voucher for her lost luggage and now she has to submit receipts for reimbursement on the clothes she had to buy as well as their car rental.

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