NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Responses from government officials at the local, state and federal level are pouring in following the school shooting at The Covenant School in Green Hills Monday morning.

Hospital and police officials have confirmed to News 2 that three children, three adults and the shooter are all deceased.

Gov. Bill Lee

I am closely monitoring the tragic situation at Covenant, & the @TNDeptofSafety & @TNHighwayPatrol are assisting local law enforcement & first responders at the scene. As we continue to respond, please join us in praying for the school, congregation & Nashville community.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R—Crossville)

No harm should ever come to any child. At some point today, please take a moment to pray for the families impact by this tragedy. As we continue learning more details, we appreciate law enforcement and first responders for their quick response neutralizing the threat.

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (R—Oak Ridge)

Heartbroken by the tragic shooting in Nashville. Praying for the families of those who have died as well as all parents, students and staff. Thankful for the work of law enforcement who stopped the perpetrator and tended to the wounded. All in Nashville are in my thoughts today.

Sen. Raumesh Akbari (D—Memphis)

Another school shooting! Praying for the families and the precious little ones-they don’t deserve this life altering trauma. #Tennessee has open carry and pending legislation to extend it to 18 year olds & include long guns. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue-enough is enough.

Rep. John Ray Clemmons (D—Nashville)

Absolutely devastating and heart wrenching. Every parent’s worst nightmare. Tennessee family, please lift these families up in your prayers.

Sen. Jeff Yarbro (D—Nashville)

Let’s pray politicians with power to do something about school shootings will find the courage to act. Let’s pray the anger we feel is transformed into demanding better. Let’s pray the compassion we have for the families & teachers doesn’t give way to cynicism or giving up.

Rep. Gloria Johnson (D—Knoxville)

Praying for Nashville as we find out more about this horrific shooting. When will our legislators make a serious effort to protect TN kids and families? We must do better for TN kids, there are common sense steps we can take if we are serious about protecting kids.

And do not tell me this is politicizing the issue, both sides of the aisle in my district want action on common sense gun legislation. Not acting is allowing further mass shootings. We are making a choice. Guns are not more important than TN children and families.

Sen. Heidi Campbell (D—Nashville)

I wouldn’t wish this living hell on any parent. It rips your heart out to see these families wondering if their kids are loved ones are coming home. I am grateful for the first responders and the community’s support for these families.

But let’s be clear: This should not be happening. We’re the only nation on earth with this level of gun violence. I am sick of the excuses. I am sick of the distractions. We need action to stop gun violence. And we need it now.

Sen. London Lamar (D—Memphis)

6 people dead! 3 kids and 3 adults! My heart just hurts!! Please keep their families and school community lifted.

Rep. Bob Freeman (D—Nashville)

This is an unimaginable tragedy for the victims, all the children, families, teachers, staff and my entire community.  I live around the corner from Covenant and pass by it often.  I have friends who attend both church and school there.  I have also visited the church in the past.  It tears my heart apart to see this.  I’m praying for my neighborhood, my city and my state. It is time to pull together and provide all the love and support that we can to those affected by this terrible catastrophe.  It is time for serious action.

Rep. Johnny Garrett (R—Goodlettsville)

Tragic. Our Prayers to the families, students, faculty and all affected by this evil who killed innocent lives at the Covenant School in Nashville.

Sen. Ferrell Haile (R—Gallatin)

As a grandfather of two girls of similar age, I am personally touched by the sadness these families are experiencing as a result of this morning’s incident at The Covenant School. We will continue to analyze the cause and effect of this great tragedy in our schools, and I will be open-minded to possible enhancements to address the social challenges that result in these terrible crimes against humanity, especially our children. Before more details are known abut the incident, it is hard to know the most appropriate and effective policy prescription. I am dedicated to working with law enforcement and investigators to assess targeted solutions to prevent this from occurring in the future, and I will continue to be a proponent of protecting children and those who suffer with mental health issues. Presently, I offer my thoughts and prayers for the families and community affected.

Rep. Justin Jones (D—Nashville)

In Gov Ops committee right now where Rep. Lamberth introduced his bill in response to school shootings to requires [sic] doors to be locked and provide more security officers. This bill does nothing to address the root problem: proliferation of militarized guns in our communities.

Today—with news of a mass shooting at a Nashville elementary school—our constituents deserve actual solutions. This is not about “politicizing the issue,” this is about our moral obligation as lawmakers to act. That’s why I was the only member to vote NO on this non-solution.

Mayor Jon Cooper

In a tragic morning, Nashville joined the dreaded, long list of communities to experience a school shooting. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. Our entire city stands with you. As facts continue to emerge, I thank our first responders and medical professionals.

Tonya Hancock, Metro Councilor – District 9

We need your help @GovBillLee @MarshaBlackburn and @SenatorHagerty Please help us pass stricter gun laws in Tennessee and in the Federal Government to save us from these senseless tragedies!

Zulfat Suara, Metro Councilor At-Large

As a parent, the last place you will expect your child to be hurt is at school. I cannot imagine the pain. Praying for the families involved.

Delishia Porterfield, Metro Councilwoman – District 29

This is awful and terrifying

Freddie O’Connell, Metro Councilman – District 19

Nashville has, sadly, today joined the communities that have experienced a school shooting. For now, my focus is turning to supporting the impacted families and revisiting our efforts to prevent these horrifying scenarios.

Bob Mendes, Metro Councilman At-Large

This is shattering.

Sandra Sepulveda, Metro Councilwoman – District 30

The politicians who would offer their “thoughts and prayers” in this state and at the federal level, and do nothing are cowards. They are empty words. The priorities of this state are wrong.

Russ Bradford, Metro Councilman – District 13

Enough with thoughts and prayers, we need actions.

Tom Cash, Metro Councilman – District 18

What an awful tragedy. We’ve got to do better at not only making our children feel safe, but actually be safe.

Emily Benedict, Metro Councilwoman – District 7

Today’s (preventable) mass shooting is maddening. Another tragedy, this time here at home. Meanwhile @TNGOP loosens gun laws. My heart is with all of the victims’ and survivors’ families, although Better Gun Laws > T’s & P’s

Sharon Hurt, Metro Councilwoman At-Large

My heart is broken for the victims and families at Covenant School. As a mother and a strong supporter of education, this both saddens and outrages me to my very soul. No student, no parent, no teacher, and no staff should have to go to a school building every day with the specter of gun violence looming over them. When is it finally enough? We must have a conversation about how to end this insanity, and we will. But today is about giving our love and support to the victims and their families. I stand firmly with them at this challenging time.

Abigail Taylor, District 9, Metro Nashville School Board

My heart is absolutely broken for Covenant School. Student reunification with parents is at Woodmont Baptist Chuch, 2100 Woodmont Blvd. MNPS sent buses to help get students to that reunification center and will offer any and all continuing help we can.

Dr. Adrienne Battle, Metro Nashville Public Schools Director

As a parent, as an educator, as a human being, I’m grieving today over the tragic murder of children and school staff right here in our community. My heart goes out to the entire Covenant School community and the parents grieving the unimaginable loss of life today.

We have been in close contact with the MNPD throughout the day, and we are providing whatever support we can to assist in their response. This is a traumatic event for the entire community, and our student support services team will be working to help our students and staff process this situation in the days to come.

We don’t know all of the details of how or why this happened, and we may never fully know. At Metro Schools, we have invested considerable resources to strengthen security at our facilities in response to the far too many, far too often instances of school shootings across the nation over the years. We will continue to reinforce our safety protocols and monitor and follow best practices on keeping students safe from harm.

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R—Tennessee)

Devastated and heartbroken about the tragic news at Covenant School. I’m grateful to law enforcement and first responders for their heroic actions. I am monitoring the situation closely, and my office is in contact with local officials & available to anyone needing assistance.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R—Tennessee)

Chuck and I are heartbroken to hear about the shooting at Covenant School in Nashville. My office is in contact with federal, state, & local officials, & we stand ready to assist. Thank you to the first responders working on site. Please join us in prayer for those affected.

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R)

Amy and I – as well as our entire office – are praying for everyone at Covenant School in Nashville. Please stay away from the area, allow first responders to work, and give parents an opportunity to access a pickup area at Woodmont Baptist per direction of local authorities.

Rep. Chuck Fleschmann (R)

Brenda and I are heartbroken to hear about the shooting at Covenant School in Nashville. We are grateful for our brave police and first responders who selflessly responded and are still onsite. Please join us in praying for everyone affected by this tragedy.

Rep. John Rose (R)

My heart breaks for the victims of this senseless tragedy. Chelsea and I pray for those immediately impacted and the entire community as we grieve the loss of precious life. I am extremely thankful for the quick response of the MNPD, Nashville Fire Department, and emergency and first responders. I am monitoring the situation closely, and my staff stands ready to help our community in any way possible.

Rep. Mark Green (R)

Camie and I join Tennesseans in prayer for The Covenant School community. Our hearts are with you. While we await more information from first responders, we pray for each student and faculty member.

Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R)

My heart breaks for all of those involved in today’s terrifying incident at the Covenant School. Join me in praying for the students, faculty, first responders, and Covenant community as we await further details regarding this tragedy.

Rep. Any Ogles (R)

My family and I are devastated by the tragedy that took place at The Covenant School in Nashville this morning. We are sending our thoughts and prayers to the families of those lots. As a father of three, I am utterly heartbroken by this senseless act of violence. I am closely monitoring the situation and working with local officials. Thank you to the brave first responders who have provided support throughout this tragedy.

Dr. Jill Biden, First lady of the United States

Another school shooting. I am truly without words—our children deserve better. We stand—all of us—with Nashville.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Parents have lost children. Families have lost loved ones & this community has been changed 4ever. To people of Nashville … We are thinking of you. Doug and I send you all our best in this time of grief.

Tennessee GOP

What happened this morning was a horrific act of violence carried out by a disturbed individual. Our hearts are broken over the loss of these innocent lives. We grieve along with Tennesseans across this state for the entire Nashville community and families of Covenant School. We thank the courageous first responders for their quick action to prevent further loss of life.

Dr. Daniel Diermeier, Vanderbilt University Chancellor

I am horrified by the terrible situation unfolding at The Covenant School in neighboring Green Hills following an active shooter entering the school this morning. Our thoughts are with the school’s community, first responders and our colleagues at VUMC as they respond to this heartbreaking tragedy. We will share as much information as we can with our community, and resources to provide care and support.

Even the local sports teams issued statements.

Tennessee Titans

We are heartbroken by the senseless loss of life at Covenant School today. We offer our condolences to the families and friends of the victims, and the entire Covenant School community.

Nashville SC

We are devastated by today’s horrific school shooting and the thought that these innocent children and staff won’t be coming home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims, their families and the community of Covenant School in this difficult moment.

Titans Running Back Derrick Henry

I am heartbroken and sick over the lives lost today at Covenant School. I’m praying for comfort and peace for all those affected in our community

Nashville SC Midfielder Dax McCarty

I drive by this school every day going to training. It’s easy to wallow in your own misery after a bad game or a bad day, but news like this hits you in the chest like a freight train and you realize how trivial those feelings are. Devastated for those families and our community.

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