NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As the city grows, Nashville’s independent music venues have struggled to survive, and a musician’s union says the dominance of Ticketmaster and its parent company hasn’t helped.

Therefore, members of the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers, UMAW, are celebrating investigations into the company and the fans who have elevated the issue.

“I think now that it’s affecting fans as well, we see we are all aligned in agreement that a large corporate monopoly is not a good idea,” said UMAW member Marshall Moran.

Moran is an artist and musician who is grateful for the Taylor Swift fans who have been critical of Ticketmaster after not getting or spending hours waiting for tickets for her upcoming tour.

“By the time you clicked on the ticket, you wanted it was like ‘sorry a fan jumped ahead of you,'” said Swift fan Kayla Stewart.

According to a report by The New York Times, the Justice Department is investigating whether Ticketmaster’s parent company has abused its power over the market since merging with Live Nation.

In 2010, when the two companies merged, it brought together one of the nation’s largest concert promoters with one of the country’s largest ticket sellers.

“[It] really covers everything from artists all the way down to the fans,” said Amerian Antitrust Institute President Diana Moss.

Moran says in his own life and among his friends he has seen pay plateau and poor working conditions for workers in the music industry.

“I’ll do work in sound and I have a lot of colleagues who tour, and rates have pretty much stagnated over the past decade,” he said.

According to ABC News, Ticketmaster controls 70% of primary ticketing and live events. Moran says artists and music workers can’t avoid working with Ticketmaster and now fans are experiencing that, too.

“The fans haven’t realized that their exuberant ticket prices don’t equate to something the artists want to see for them and the artists may not be making the sum of all that money,” said Moran.

Ticketmaster did not respond to requests for comment on this story or to The New York Times.

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