NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s been two years since police served a dangerous warrant following a fatal stabbing in Midtown

On Christmas Day of 2019 police were trying to capture Michael Mosely after he was accused of stabbing three people outside of Dogwood in Nashville the weekend prior.  

Paul Trapeni and Clayton Beathard, brother of 49ers quarterback C.J. Bethard, died from their injuries. A third victim survived. 

Lt. Ken Miller with the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office recalls the moments before Mosely was taken into custody.  

“We were pretty sure he already committed to homicides, so we didn’t know how desperate he’s going to be,” Miller recalled. 

Tips came in that Mosely might have been staked out at a home for sale in Cheatham County where he had the door code and had previously worked as a handyman.  

“We knew he had to have help to be hanging out. We knew people were supplying him, we didn’t know if anybody else was in the residence with him,” Miller said.  

A team of roughly 25 Metro Swat team members and Cheatham County deputies executed their search warrant Christmas morning. 

“It was pretty tense there for a little while, just the area we were at. There wasn’t really a good way to approach the house. We couldn’t be secretive about it so it was basically we have to come in and move in fast so you roll up and everybody jumps out and runs to a corner,” Miller said.  

Mosely had a previous criminal record, including several assaults, making the confrontation even riskier.  

“Things were just escalating with him. We’re going from an aggravated assault where he runs up and attacks a person to now we’re talking about a fight outside of a bar where he ends up stabbing two people. What’s going to be next? Is he going to get a firearm?” Miller explained. “You never know in a situation like that what you’re dealing with or who you’re dealing with, what their mindset is.” 

All the more reason law enforcement knew they had to get him off the street.  

“We were very lucky. Like I said we were out there 10 or 15 minutes before he finally did come out. We were fixing to have to go in and go room to room and that’s never fun,” Miller said. 

Mosely faces multiple charges, including two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder, and assault.

At the end of the day, Lt. Miller said he hopes the victims’ families will find some sort of healing.  

“That’s the biggest reason we do this job is to give families peace, to give them justice, to give them some closure. It’s not for the money,” Miller said. “It’s mainly to make the people feel safe again.” 

Mosely is due back in court in January and is expected to go to trial in March of 2022.