NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A deadly shooting at a weekend pool party hit too close to home for one Nashville mother who lost her son 10 years ago to gun violence.

According to Metro police, two men were killed and two others injured around 10 p.m. at the Cambridge at Hickory Hollow Apartments in Antioch. According to Metro police, the exchange of gunfire is believed to be connected to a birthday party that was taking place in the pool area at the apartment complex.  

Talia Monget Simmons Happened to drive by the scene, not realizing how similar it was to her own son’s death. 

“When I saw all the cops, I knew something tragic had happened, but the next day when I’d seen that it was a party, it was just a constant reminder of what happened to my son 10 years later, almost to the day,” said Monget-Simmons. 

Her son, 17-year-old Antwand Covington, was killed a decade ago while getting out of his car to walk into a friend’s birthday party. Monget-Simmons Says said understands the pain loved ones will feel from Saturday night’s shooting. 

“Whatever they were celebrating that night, they’re always going to remember that two people were murdered during that celebration. And it’s the same thing that happened with my son, his friend had a Sweet 16 party, now her birthday will always be remembered by that tragedy,” she said.  

When looking at the number of lives lost to gun violence recently, she wants to change the way the problem is labeled and treated. 

“Let’s call the problem what it is, it’s a public health crisis just like they named COVID, a public health crisis. We are in the same situation. You look at how many people are losing their lives every day or being harmed every single day. And not just in Nashville, but across this country.” 

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On top of calling for more mental health help and community resources, he sent this message to anyone thinking about taking a life through gun violence.  

“Your life mentally stops at that point, like how do you move forward from that?” Monget-Simmons said. “People don’t understand when they pull these guns and they pull the triggers that you’re hurting somebody forever, forever.” 

Last week, Monget-Simmons joined “Partners In the Struggle” and helped pass out 50 gun lockboxes. They plan to give away 200 trigger locks at another upcoming event.