NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WRKN) — A violent crash led to a $1 million lawsuit from a charter school bus driver after a WeGo bus hit her bus, with children on board, head-on in August on Elm Hill Pike.

It happened on the morning of Aug. 29. The driver of the charter school bus was Keyontae McEwen and the WeGo driver was identified as Tyler Henning, according to the lawsuit

McEwen claims Henning was asleep behind the wheel when he crashed into her bus. Two cars behind McEwen rear-ended her bus due to the collision.

“I think with any entity that puts drivers on the road, those drivers have to be held in a very high standard,” McEwen’s attorney, Isaac Kimes, said.

McEwen was left with serious injuries including fractured ribs, and injuries to her leg, brain, neck, and back. Three students also had to be rushed to the hospital.

The lawsuit blames, in part, Metro Transit Authority (MTA) for not training or properly supervising its employees. Kimes believes the greater good is at stake.

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A spokesperson for WeGo said the company “won’t comment about pending legal matters.”

To learn more about the lawsuit, click here.