NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — Tennessee is now home to Lamborghini. The automaker hosted an opening of their new Lamborghini showroom in Brentwood Thursday afternoon.

Lamborghini America believes this showroom only reflects its rapid growth and expanding customer base in Tennessee.

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“This is one of the biggest cities in the country, and the population has demand for Lamborghini,” said Andrea Baldi, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini America.

Baldi traveled from the U.S. headquarters in Virginia for the showroom opening. He says Lamborghini’s popularity is so high, that there is a current two-year wait for cars. These cars go for more than $200,000 and he expects them to continue to sell out.

“Customers will immediately recognize this car because there is a very strong history of the brand,” Baldi said. “There is a very big knowledge of what Lamborghini represents as a car manufacturer.”

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Lamborghini has developed a strong reputation for its vehicles and is now calling Middle Tennessee home.