NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Affordable housing is difficult conversation for many Middle Tennessee families, but sometimes it’s effect on children is forgotten.

The Oasis Center is a Nashville non-profit that works to provide housing and other resources to kids 13 and older. Thousands of kids have benefitted from their programs.

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“The unfortunate piece of housing crisis work there are not any quick fixes,” Director of Outreach Services Courtney Berner said. “Young people in the school system, youth leadership, youth advocacy, and also, crisis work helps us work with young people who are specifically experiencing housing related crisis.”

Growing traumatic situations add to the burden for the young. Berner said a stunning 15 to 20 kids a day now using their center as a safe haven.

Oasis Center staff actually goes on the streets finding them, letting them know what is available.

“We partake in a street canvasing effort that is community wide,” Berner said. “Working with those experiencing homelessness and going out to the community to meet young people where they’re at.”

Middle Tennessee will only continue to grow, but Berner hopes more affordable housing opportunities will become available for everyone.