NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Compelling new details and heartbreaking testimony were the focus Thursday in the murder trial of a Nashville nurse killed on I-440.

The key witness in the murder trial of Caitlyn Kaufman and the medical examiner took the stand Thursday, Jan. 26.

You could hear cries of heartache from inside the courtroom to outside in the hallways as graphic testimony was shared regarding the deadly shooting.

“The bullet entered her arm. It did not break her bone in her arm, but it continued into her chest. It entered between the second and third ribs. It injured the upper lobe of her left lung,” Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Erin Carney said, explaining the bullet went through her heart and stopped in the back of her right arm.

Heartbreaking images of the scrubs Caitlyn wore when she was shot were also shown in court. The ICU nurse’s blue shirt showed the hole from the bullet that pierced her heart. The details left her family weeping.

Earlier in the day, the key witness in the murder case also moved Caitlyn’s mom to tears. Jacques Merrell-Odom, who goes by “Guxxi,” was shackled and wearing a yellow jumpsuit. He is currently behind bars on unrelated charges.

Merrell-Odom is a childhood friend of Devaunte Hill and ultimately came forward, telling investigators that Hill was the shooter and leading them to the weapon used in Caitlyn’s death. Merrell-Odom said he had traded guns with Hill, not knowing it was the murder weapon at the time. After learning the gun was indeed the murder weapon, Merrell-Odom told his mother who used to be a nurse; she ultimately encouraged him to come forward.

“I didn’t feel right having that weapon. I didn’t feel right knowing about it and not saying nothing about it and not doing nothing about it. Just, I wouldn’t want it to happen to my family or and nobody do nothing. I wouldn’t want my mom to lose somebody and nobody do nothing or lose me and nobody do nothing, and she just got to sit there and just take it,” he explained.

During his cross-examination, Merrell-Odom recalled hearing both suspects discussing the shooting after it happened.

He said Hill said he “[expletive] upped.” And he said Merrell-Odom, also known as Doodie, said, “she shouldn’t have did that [expletive] it is what it is [expletive] it.”

Merrell-Odom received more than $50,000 in reward money, and his interest in the reward money was highlighted during questioning of Sgt. Adam Read with the Metro Police Homicide Unit.

“In those first five minutes he brought up the reward?” the attorney asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Read replied.

Criminal defense attorney Ben Powers is not associated with the case, but he offered his thoughts on the trial so far. Powers noted that focusing on the reward money may have been a way the attorneys were casting doubt on Merrell-Odom’s testimony.

“One version of reality he gets paid — the other he doesn’t,” Powers explained.

Powers also discussed why so much of Thursday’s hearing was focused on where the bullets hit Caitlyn’s car.

“Whether they did actually pull up next to her, or it was some type of cut off and they pulled around,” he said. “The more time there is for them to cool off, even for a moment, and even if they actually didn’t cool off, the shooter at least, that certainty supports a premeditation.”

And whether this was a premeditated murder or an act of road rage is crucial to deciding Cowan and Hill’s fate.

During his testimony, some supporters of the defendants got escorted out of the courtroom. A court officer confirmed with News 2 that three people were asked to leave just before lunch for not following court rules.

Court will resume at 8:30 a.m. Friday, Jan. 27.

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