NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Jerrilyn Collier lost not just one, but both of her sons, Reginald and Avery, to gun violence 10 years apart. 

Although an arrest was made in Avery’s death from Jan. 3, 2021, police are still searching for answers in Reggie’s death from July 10, 2011. 

“I, like, died that night myself,” Jerrilyn recalled. 

She found him in one of the worst ways imaginable: shot to death on her own front porch along Wheless Street around 2 a.m. in July 2011.

“At first, I thought it was fireworks that I was hearing, but as I got closer to my door and opened my door, I saw my son. They told me he was dead instantly because all three bullets went straight through his heart,” Jerrilyn said. 

Jerrilyn tried to give Reggie CPR, but to no avail. His killer has never been brought to justice. 

The Nashville woman is now active in the group Mothers Over Murder, trying to prevent other parents from losing their children to gun violence. 

“They don’t just kill that individual, they kill the whole family. When people kill, it kills the whole family. It kills the whole family,” Jerrilyn said. 

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On top of helping others, Jerrilyn also longs for justice for herself. She begs anyone with information to come forward, even 11 years later. 

“Even though I have other kids and grandkids, some days I just want to just crawl in a hole. But it would take a whole load off me. Maybe my health would turn around and get better. Because I’ve died slowly,” Jerrilyn said through her tears. 

If you have any information about Reggie’s death, you’re asked to contact Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME. You can remain anonymous and could even qualify for a cash reward.